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Cinch - $7500

Family, lesson, kid type gelding! Here’s the type everyone calls me for and they’re usually gone before I can list!


Cinch is a 15 year old 14.2 hand gelding. He is easy easy easy to get along with. Great ground manners. Easy to ride. Has a neck rein. Goes down the trail. Carries a flag. Swings a rope. Rides English and western. Goes over cross rails. You name it, he will do it. And he’ll do it with a great attitude.


Whether you’re looking for grandma, a special kid in your life, or just another safe and quiet addition to your program or family, Cinch is just the type of horse you need. He adores people. He is easy to catch, and when I think of a best friend type, he comes to mind. He likes to hang out while we're working on fences and will stay close by waiting for his pets. If you're standing near him while he has a rider, he will casually lean into you until you ackowledge and pet him. He is truly a sweet and fun gelding. 


These types of geldings are getting harder and harder to find; especially in an affordable/reasonable market. Snatch this guy up because he will not last long.


Located in Canton, Tx.

Dunnit On A Train- Available at the Horseman's Mission Select Sale in Ohio October 19-21

Take a look at Dunnit On a Train and don't let this pretty palomino with a killer pedigree and training to die for pass you by! "Princess" as we affectionately call her, is truly the barn favorite. When I chose to offer her in this sale, I received a lot of pushback from staff and family as no one wants to see her go! She has a pedigree that looks impressive on paper as she is by Pale Face Dunit and out of a CD Lights daughter. Whether you want a foundation broodmare, a show horse, or a pretty barn companion, that pedigree can't be looked over! 

Pedigree and pretty aside, she literally has the BEST personality and brain. She is the born broke type. She can sit in the stall with turnout or pasture for 6 months and come up to ride bareback in a halter. How many four year olds with a performance pedigree can boast that attribute? Princess is the kind of horse that makes you feel like a professional trainer. Every time you sit on her she just gets better and better. She is naturally low headed, has a lovely jog, a perfect canter depart, lead changes and more! Princess has had several months of professional training with renowned and well known trainers, one being Nate Eicher. Put her back with a pro for a 30-60 day tune-up and she would be ready to take you into the reining pen and show. 

Princess has also been started on cattle and absolutely loves the job. She could transition in to cowhorse work or continue in breakaway as we have started her on. She is talented, athletic, easy to train and loves to eat up a cow. 

Whether you want to breed her, show her, or have a wonderful family and trail horse, Princess should be at the top of your list. She rides around bareback in a halter, bridle less, trail rides, tracks cattle, and has all the reining maneuvers. She is a gem and the kind of horse that every household dreams to own. 


Sparky - $8,500

5 year old OTTB gelding. Currently RRP eligible. Sparky was retired from the track sound. He wasn't competitive and did not particularly enjoy racing. He stands 16.1 hands and is a true black (papers say dark brown). This is a gelding I'd like to use myself for RRP 2024, but if someone HAS to have him, I will let him go between now and next January. 

He has had let down time and enjoys his stall and turnout. He has been ridden bareback in a halter and had less than a handful of post track rides. He will remain RRP eligible and will go to turnout.

Located in Canton, Tx.

Hughey-Available at the Fall Round up Sale in Heber City, Utah, October 12-14th

Coming to you as the picture dream horses are made of! Clear Springs Bandit (aka Hughey), is a phenomenal 7 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding with partial blue eyes! He stands an impressive and solid 15.2 hands and weighs 1400 lbs.


Hughey is by King of the Forrest Gypsies, a world and reserve champion stallion imported from Holland. His grand sire, Forrest, is a multiple grand champion. Hughey is bred to be great minded, family friendly, and have the talent, ability, and desired gypsy traits to perform well at breed shows. Hughey, as is typical of the gypsy breed, is extremely friendly, in your pocket, and the type of horse that any person can get along with. He is exceptionally good natured and LOVES his scratches. Don’t worry about treats for him, scratches will make him the happiest.


Hughey has a long, flowing mane that has grown over 12 inches in the past year alone. His tail is thick and full and drags the ground unless trimmed. His feathers are silky and light while being full and thick. Hughey is the easiest of horses to ride. He has a solid stop and will put tracks in the ground a few feet long if asked. He has flying lead changes and his lead departures are automatic and flawless. He will ride both English and western. He will pop over a cross rail and neck rein. He is the epitome of a family friendly gypsy horse and will fit any kind of program or home.


Please contact Adrieen Staudinger of Ricochet Stables with any additional questions, 479-685-5020.

Riding Video

Driving Video

Canton, Tx

Rapper- Available at the Fall Round Up Sale in Heber City, Utah, October 12-14th

2019 cowhorse gelding by Rap Cat. Professionally trained by Ben Baldus in Whitesboro, Tx. 

Rapper has been well started with a correct and solid foundation. He has all the basics and foundation that a reined cowhorse should have. He travels on a long loose rein and is well balanced in his lope with a solid stop and nice turnaround. 

Rapper has been hauled out to varying places to ride and has been exposed to a lot in his 4 years. He has trail ridden in the Appalachian mountains, been to the trail courses outside of Austin, exposed to mounted polices obstacles and training methods. He takes everything in stride and is great natured about being in new places and experiencing new thing. 

Rapper would continue to excel in any direction he is taken, but we could see him going on to be an excellent Ranch Versatility horse, breakaway horse, barrel prospect, or as he likes to tell us on his trail rides, he'd LOVE to go to a trail and pleasure home. He is talented, well trained, but able to relax and be used in just a pleasure and fun setting.

Canton, Tx

Starbucks - $7,500


A familiar face that we are happy to offer you again! Starbucks is *only* available due to personal circumstances with his current family. Letting him go was a tough choice for them, but I’m thrilled to be able to find his next person for them!

Starbucks is a 16 year old grade paint gelding. He stands 14.1 hands. Don’t let his lack of stature fool you, he is well built and as stout and solid as they come. He is the epitome of beginner and lesson friendly as he is solid, sane and well broke and has dabbled in just about every discipline.

Starbucks rides English and western. He goes over cross rails up to 2’3. He swings a rope, knows a barrel pattern (not very fast), tracks a cow, and goes down the trail. He has a simple lead change and if you wanted an automatic one, it wouldn’t take much to get. He has been ridden on trails in high fence ranches and seen all kinds of exotic deer and animals. He is not spooky and takes everything you throw at him in stride. He’s even been used for trick riding!!

This fellow would be a great addition as a family horse, lesson horse, step up from a pony, or step down from performance horses to trail riding. He is easy to get along with, an easy keeper, and well broke to ride with buttons but not too sensitive for a rider that doesn’t know them.

Located in Canton, Tx.

Trail Ride


Western and obstacles

Kid rider

Apollo - $5500

Apollo is an extremely sweet and in your pocket 12/13 year old grade gelding. He stands large grade poa pony size of 14ish hands. We will stick him at a later date for exact height. 

Apollo is a greyed out appaloosa. He has mottling around his eyes and nose and spots on his skin that you can see when he is wet. He absolutely adores people and goes out of his way to come visit and receive attention. 

Apollo is not the fanciest horse in the barn, but he is one of the sweetest and is very gentle to go along. He is great out on the trails and is kid/beginner friendly to ride. He does not have much of a neck rein, and with a small child he can get "stuck" at the gate, but he has absolutely no vices and is not at all dangerous. 

We will have more information and videos on Apollo coming soon. 

Canton, Tx. 

Maximus -Available at the Horseman's Mission Select Sale October 19-21st

Maximus is the definition of a gentle giant. He stands a decent and reasonable height of 16.3 hands. He is broke to ride and drive and has been through a well known natural horsemanship training program.

Maximus is confident in and out of the arena. He will go over and under obstacles, side pass to the mounting block, and he will be soft in your hands and on the bridle. he rides in and out of water and is a great confidence booster/family type horse. Max is easy to catch, a very easy keeper, and doesn't mind living in a stall, alone in a paddock, or in a shared gelding herd. He is excellent to trailer and well behaved for the farrier; he does not require stocks!

For those that like drafts, Brabants are few and far between. Max is the google textbook definition of a Brabant with his striking roan color, silver mane and tail, solid body and tree trunks for legs. To add to the bonus, he is even registered! Try to find a registered European Belgian Brabant and let me know how many you come up with. We have enjoyed having this gelding in our barn and in our pastures. He is always a conversation starter and a head turner and while he will be missed, we know that you will LOVE him!


Who Dat Grey - $6,500

5 year old off track Thoroughbred mare. Who Dat has had let down time and is adjusting to life off the track very well. She was retired sound, just didn't prefer to run very fast. She has currently had one ride post track and was very easy to ride and took the indoor arena, ground poles, and dressage tack very well. She is RRP eligible and we do not intend to ride her enough at this time to lose that eligibility. Reasonable offers welcome. If she is still here in late September, she will begin full retraining and will lose her RRP eligibility.

Located in Canton, Tx

Pepper - TBD

Pepper is a 4 year old registered Appaloosa gelding. He stands 14ish hands (we will stick him for exact height soon) and is stout as a brick house. He is sweet and friendly and very in your pocket.

At this time, pepper has his basics down, walk/trot/canter both directions and go out on the trail. He is not fancy but we intend to keep him in training and further his education as he is with us. He will have a price listed when we are ready to "officially" list him. In the meantime, he is here for your viewing pleasure, and if you feel you *have* to have him, reach out to us for current pricing and to schedule a meet and greet!

Canton, Tx.

Dyno - $8500

10 year old grade gelding. Stands 14.2 hands.


Dyno is well broke with a neck rein and is soft in the mouth/face. He is started heeling and he also trail rides. He has the motor and talent to get a job done, but the sensibility and brains to plod along quietly and take care of a kid or beginner. He is the same horse, even with time off. 

More details and video coming soon on this handsome guy!

Located in Canton, Tx

Powdered Whiz- $6,500 Pending

Weanling AQHA reining prospect filly. NRHA nominated. Will be weaned in September. We will accept payments until weaning. She will know all her basics: lead, load, soft tie, and pick up feed. She is bred to be a phenomenal ranch rider, reiner, reined cowhorse, or ranch versatility prospect. She would also make a great addition to a broodmare herd. 

Canton, Tx.

New horse coming soon!

Horses are selling faster than we can list them! Contact us to see if we have your horse in our barn!

New horse coming soon!

Horses are selling faster than we can list them! Contact us to see if we have your new horse in our barn!

Gemma- $15,000 


Fancy fancy show quality GVHS filly available. And if y’all don’t get her, that’s ok I’ve worked a deal with the sellers for myself in the fall .

Gemma is a yearling with excellent bone and feather. She is estimated to mature 15h+. She is stout, sweet, and put together like a big horse already. Think about the quality she will have when she is fully mature.

This filly will be excellent under saddle or to a cart, in a show ring, or in a broodmare band. Wherever you choose to go with her, she will excel and she will turn heads.

She is a phenomenal mover and will only improve as she continues to grow. Gemma knows all of her yearling basics: leads, loads, ties, bathes, farrier, and is started on lunging.

Canton, Tx.


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